Actors Theatre of Louisville honored by New Orleans Second Line Film Festival

November 24, 2021The Breasts of Tiresias and The Yellow Wallpaper have both been recognized by the New Orleans Second Line Film Festival. ​ 

The Breasts of Tiresias was recognized as “Best Animated Short” by the New Orleans Second Line Film Festival. Animated by Yehudah Jai Husband and directed by Actors Theatre of Louisville Executive Artistic Director Robert Barry Fleming, The Breasts of Tiresias was released by Actors Theatre of Louisville on September 18, 2020 as part of ​ COVID-Classics: One-Act Plays for the Age of Quarantine. The project is also an official selection of the 2021 ARFF Barcelona // International Awards and was included in the Black Film Fest Atlanta and Paris Lift-Off Film Festival. ​ 




Thérèse becomes Tiresias and the social order of Zanzibar is turned on its head in this 21st century take on Guillaume Apollinaire’s classic 1903 play. Reimagined as a vivid animated short, this surrealist fever dream subverts ideas about gender and sexuality, reproduction, and race.


In addition, The Yellow Wallpaper was also celebrated by the New Orleans Second Line Film Festival, with Tarah Flanagan winning a “Best Actress” award for her performance. Flanagan was also the project’s associate producer, working in collaboration with cinematographer and editor Christopher Gerson. Released by Actors Theatre of Louisville on January 30 of this year, this animated suspense-thriller was adapted from Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s late 19th century feminist masterpiece. 



Cut off from intellectual stimulation and coddled by her physician husband, a woman suffering from a “nervous condition” begins to notice troubling things hiding behind the yellow wallpaper in her bedroom. 

The New Orleans Second Line Film Festival is a platform where content producers and creative artists can preserve and promote the culture and history of the Second Line through art, fashion, film, and music. 

Actors Theatre of Louisville, an arts and culture organization as social enterprise, uses transmedia storytelling and emergent technologies to unlock human potential, build community, and enrich quality of life by engaging people in theatre that reflects the wonder and complexity of our time. Both The Breasts of Tiresias and The Yellow Wallpaper are available to view online at ​ 




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Actors Theatre of Louisville unlocks human potential, builds community and enriches quality of life by engaging people in theatre that reflects the wonder and complexity of our time.


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